Educational Activities of IKU

I. Within the Framework of University Education:

In order to pass on knowledge and to educate the future generation in an up-to-date manner, IKU associates have developed several courses to be taught in Hungarian and in English in the fields of science, technology and innovation policy, reacting to the most significant national and international EU processes.
IKU thus offers a wide range of subjects for students at Bachelor?s or Master?s degree level, as well as for PhD students or those in adult education. Some examples of recently taught subjects are:

Science, technology and innovation policy block:

  • National, regional and sector innovation systems
  • Business and innovation
  • The characteristics of science, technology and innovation policies in modern market economies
  • The tools of modern science and technology policy, and their application in Hungary
  • The system for financing R&D and innovations
  • Information flow and mobility, brain circulation
  • Practical information on R&D tenders in Hungary and the EU

A knowledge-based world: the European Research Area block

  • Technology and socio-economic paradigm change
  • Knowledge economy and innovation systems
  • History of science, technology and institutions
  • Characteristics of creating and disseminating knowledge
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Globalisation and the EU: internationalisation and government
  • Internationalisation ? European Research Area
  • The route to a joint European R&D and innovation policy

Course books:

Bevezetés az innovációmenedzsmentbe Technology Policy in the European Union

Notes for the lectures supplementing the course books will be given to students each lecture.

University students have an opportunity to do their practical research work in IKU. Primarily students in the final year of the Bachelor?s degree, and those working on a Master?s degree or PhD should apply for the practical work.

By individual arrangement,theses and dissertations may also be written in IKU.