Scientific activities in public life

Listed below are the tasks and activities in which IKU and its staff participate in order to facilitate the preparatory processes of decision-making related to the specialist field, and to promote the diffusion of knowledge and information.

Consultancy and counselling

Involvement in professional debates on governmental bills, plans and strategic schemes in connection with Research & Development and technology innovation. Providing expert opinions for governmental bodies and their consultants.

For the purpose of consultancy, IKU regularly invites researchers studying Hungarian Science and Technology policies, consultants and experts in state administration from various countries of the world.

Consultancy for research organisations.

Providing expertise according to the requirements of international organisations (background studies, brain storming etc.):

  • Conference and study on private sector involvement in the decision-making processes of public sector financed Research & Development policy (EC, Brussels, 2005)
  • Conference on the future of European universities (IPTS, Seville, 2006)
  • The feasibility of the European Research Area (Madrid, 2007)

Other roles

Membership on Editorial Advisory Boards of national and international journals (e.g. Research Policy)

Regular review of draft articles and books written in Hungarian and English.

Within the framework of the PRIME MacCEESTIREO programme, mapping professional communities dealing with Science and Technology policy and helping them join the network.