IKU Links

IKU is member of the following networks:

  • Research Group on Economics and Innovation Policy GRINEI
  • European Network of Indicator Designers: ENID
  • Triple Helix Association: THA

Some previous & current international projects of IKU:

  • Policies for Research and Innovation in the Move Towards the European Research Area: PRIME
  • Brain drain: the emigration flow of qualified scientists About the result of project
  • European University Data Collection: EUMIDA
  • Mobility of European Researchers: MORE II
  • Monitoring Policy and Research Activities on Science in Society in Europe: MASIS
  • Responsible Research and Innovation in a Distributed Anticipatory Governance Frame. ResAGorA
  • Mapping the Population, Careers, Mobilities and Impacts of Advanced Research Degree Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities: POCARIM

Important Hungarian websites:

  • National Innovation Office: NIH
  • RDI Observatory at NIH: Kaleidoszkóp
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office: KSH
  • Ministry of National Economy: NGM
  • Hungarian Assotiation for Innovation: MISZ

Important international websites:

  • EC Research & Innovation Participant Portal
  • European Institute of Innovation & Technology: EIT
  • EU research and innovation: EU
  • European Science Foundation: ESF
  • EU Joint Research Centre: JRC
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: OECD
  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics: IS
  • United Nations Econmic Commission for Europe: UNECE
  • NATO Science for Peace and Security: SPS
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science: AAAS