Publications before 2000

Articles before 2000


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Books and chapters in books before 2000


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Conference lectures, papers, proceedings before 2000


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Introduction at Knowledge, Technology Transfer and Forecasting NATO ARW Conference 12-14 October Budapest, Hungary
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?For a Better Understanding of the Innovation Process in Hungary? Six Countries Programme Conference


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?Revitalisation of Innovation Research in Eastern Europe? 6th Innovations-Tagung in: ?Privates und staatliches Innovations- management? eds. Karl Heinrich Oppenlander and Werner Popp (IFO Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, München, Institut für Operations Research und Planung, Universitat Bern mit Forderung durch das Bayerische Staatministerium für Wirtschaft un Verkehr) 9-10 October

?Recent Results of Innovation Research in Eastern Europe ? the Experiences of Hungary? Osteuropa Seminar 7 May Vienna, Austria

?Privatisation, Firm Size and Innovation in Hungary? Schumpeter Society ?92 Meeting 19-22 August Kyoto, Japan

?Is there a Path towards Democracy and Market Economy in Central And Eastern Europe?? Warwick/Birmingham Summer Research Workshop 13-31 July Warwick, UK

?To help or not to help asymmetrical co-operation? Conference on the Role of EC Investment in Promoting R&D Capability and Technological Innovation in Eastern European Countries: Scientific Goals and Financial Instruments February Munich, Germany


?Transition Period in the Field of Information Systems? OECD Conference Economies in Transition: Science, Technology and Innovation Policies, 4-6 March Vienna, Austria / Bratislava, Slovakia

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?Disappeared Companies and Lost Functions? Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

?Some Problems of R&D and Innovation? (Lessons from a Survey on the Chemical and Machinery industries) E.A.R.I.E. Conference Lisboa, Portugal
?O niokr v pererabativajusih otrasljah vengerskoj promüslennosti? 14-18 May Kijiv, SU


?The Survey on the Technological Innovation in a Part of the Hungarian manufacturing Industries? Workshop on European competitiveness 8-9 December West-Berlin, Germany
1988 ?Ventures in Socialism? (Hungarian Experiences) E.A.R.I.E. Conference, Rotterdam, Netherland

?Ventures in Socialism? (Hungarian Experiences) UNIDO Entrepreneurial Small and Medium Industries Workshop and Symposium13-19 April Rome, Italy

?Entrepreneurship in Socialism? Conference on Alternative Models of Socialist Economic Systems 18-22 March Győr, Hungary


?Konkurentospasobnost na vnutrennem I vnesnem rinke? Polish, Bulgarian, Soviet and Hungarian Roundtable on: Prava I otvetstvenost proizvodstveno- hozjajstvenih organizacij stran- chlenov CMEA 29 June Suzdal, SU


?Disapeared Firms, Lost Functions? Hungarian-Yugoslavian Roundtable December, Budapest

?Ekonomicheskoj vospriimchivosti tehnicheskoje razvitije? International conference organized by Hungarian Academy and International Research Institute at CMEA 11-15 November Sopron, Hungary


?The organisational Structure of Industry? Polish- Hungarian Roundtable, 17-21 December Lodz, Poland

?Die Wirtschaftorganisation in Industrie? (tolmácsolt előadás) East-German-Hungarian Seminar 23-28 October Berlin, East Germany


?Rol metoda isledovanija mnenija predprijatij v podgatovke prognozov na urovnye macrosferi? Seminar for the Economits, November, Novosibirsk, the SU


?Problemi na ekonomicheskoj effektivnosti v Vengrii, udeljaja osoboje vnymanyije vlijanyiju mirovoj ekonomiki? Polish-Czeh Scientific Seminar 9-13 October Jahranka, Poland


?O ponjatii ekonomicheskoj effektivnosti predprijatija s tochki zrenyija narodovna hozjajstva? International Symposium 6-10 December Sofia, Bulgaria


?Teoreticheskije i metodologicheskije problemi povisenyije effektivnosti socialisticheskovo obsestvennovo proizvodstva? International (CMEA) Conference 18-22 November Moscow, SU

Background papers before 2000


?Financial and other implications of the implementation of the TRIPS Agreement for developing countries in a globalizing economy? (co-authors: K.A. Soós, P. Valentiny, and P. Ilsinszki) (Prepared at the request of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva) Budapest, July


?Review of recent developments in science and technology in Hungary since 1991: A summary? CCET/DSTI(95)10 and OLIS, Budapest


?Major Innovation and Techonology Policy Issues in Hungary? (co-author A. Havas) for the OECD

?Survey on the Small Venture? (co-author Péter D. Hanák) ESATT mimeo Budapest-Berlin


?An Overview of the Hungarian Economy? report to the EC, ACE project February (Background)


?OECD/OMFB- Privatisation and Innovation? for Science and Technology Policy in Hungary

Some Impressions on the EU workshop on ?Systems of Innovation? from Central Europea point of view Bologne


?Privatisation and Innovation? background paper for the OECD Country Study on the Hungarian Science and Technology Policy (co-authors K. György, A. Havas and J. Vincze) November pp. 33.

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