The creation of a contemporary RDI Observatory

(Summary of the study commissioned by NKTH)

The recently enacted Hungarian Government decree on Innovation Strategy seeks to strengthen capabilities for fact-based decision making in science, technology and innovation policy. According to the Executive Order, an ad hoc group has been formed with the aim of proposing alternative solutions to decision makers on the required institutional structures (such as Observatory) in order to establish a policy relevant STI information system. This system would have to provide timely and relevant information to decision makers on STI matters and would support the strategic development of STI indicators and their analysis.

The members of the ad hoc group (Dr. Annamária Inzelt, director of IKU Innovation Research Centre and former Hungarian delegate at OECD NESTI group, László Csonka, member of IKU staff Expert at EU OMC CREST group, Lajos Nyiri, Director of Zinnia Ltd, consulting company and former President of the OMFB and Dr. György Varga, member of the Advisory Council on Science, Technology and Competitiveness, Director of PRAESTOR Advisory Ltd., Budapest; Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Central European University, BA School) prepared a study on 'The creation of a contemporary RDI Observatory' in Hungary and a short English summary that can be downloaded here.

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